Chairman:  Frank Persa 

Each year the Department of Washington works hard to properly recognize the Posts and Districts in the state for all the terrific work they do. It is equally important that each year we recognize one of the many outstanding comrades that make their Post and District proud. It’s the individual that is always there in the trenches, doing all the volunteer work with that undying devotion to the ideals of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. You know that one person you can always count on to get the job done with a smile? The following are the criteria for the Veteran of the Year Award:

- The Post Commander will submit only one individual per year from their Post.

- Entries must be to District no later than March 1st.

- Entries must be to Department by March 15th.


- The written recommendation will not be more than 300 words long. You may also include supporting documents which reflect accomplishments and/or recognition separate from the written recommendation, (i.e. a listing of volunteer activities, hospital work, blood donations, community service with emphasis on Veteran needs, etc.) Do not submit pictures as supporting documents. Supporting documentation does NOT count as part of the 300 authorized words of recommendation. Please don’t forget the individual’s hat size when completing the nominating packet.

- Department veteran of the year chairman will form a Judging Panel composed of at least 3 VFW members of which one member will be a Past Department Commander.

- During the judging all personal identifying information to include name, gender, post number, etc. and anything not pertaining to the March 2020 to March 2021 year will be redacted.

- The individual who is selected by the Judging Panel will be announced at the State Convention Awards Banquet, and his/ her meal will be paid for by Department.

- The individual will be notified prior to State Convention.


Please contact me with any questions:


Frank Persa



Veteran of the Year Nomination Form