Chairman:  Walt Tanimoto

VFW Department of Washington Social Media User Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide an inviting place for our fans where they can freely discuss VFW and veterans’ issues. To do this, we have guidelines for content posted to our social media pages. The VFW strives to avoid removing content or banning users. However, for the benefit of all fans, we must enforce the following guidelines. Comments or posts that contain one or more of the qualities listed below will be deleted. Users may be banned if they are deemed excessive or chronic repeat offenders.

We do not tolerate:

  1. Hateful comments

  2. Racial discrimination

  3. Excessive profanity - Please remember we have underage fans on our sites

  4. Gender discrimination

  5. Sexual Orientation discrimination

  6. Religious discrimination

  7. Links, images or excessive references to outside companies or their products * Referral codes

  8. Identifying members in defamatory, abusive, or generally negative terms or endangering their privacy

  9. Spam

  10. Posting ads from other companies or posting any content in a provocative or harassing manner repeatedly (I.e. the posting of content specifically to incite arguments, harass the organization or fans of the organization)

  11. You are, however, more than welcome to post complaints or issues to seek resolution in a generally accepted civil manner