Department President
Joan Murphy-Nihart

Hello and welcome!
Wow, everyone said going through the chairs would go quickly, and they were right! I hope all of you are as excited about this year, as I am.

We are looking forward to seeing many new faces and hearing a lot of new ideas!
My motto this year is "Bee the Change”. Changing with the times is essential if we want to attract a new generation of members and keep up with an ever-changing world. My mascot is the Bee. In a hive of bees, every bee has its own job; no one job is more important than another, but all the bees must work together for the survival of the hive. Therefore, we rely on each of you to play your part in making this year one to remember.
We will make a great difference in our Department by working together to "Bee the Change"!
Together we can achieve great things. Bee the Change!
Joan Murphy-Nihart
Department of WA. President



For more than 100 years, the VFW National Auxiliary has been fulfilling its original objectives by supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars, serving veterans, service members and their families, and spreading patriotism nationwide. Our members have volunteered millions of hours, donated millions of dollars and honored hundreds of thousands of veterans. 


The Department of Washington Auxiliary has many programs that can be used for assistance. Check out any of the Auxiliary programs below by clicking on the appropriate link (links open in new window):